PARA-KALEO is a Greek verb form that means “I call to my side.”  That captures the heartbeat of my entire ministry, and the purpose of this website. The church Jesus came to build was never intended to operate as a collection of individuals on solo missions. The New Testament often describes us as a family, or a body. We are composed of many distinct members, each fulfilling his/her own unique function within the larger spiritual organism.

In the larger sense, the Family of God, or The Body of Christ is that universal fellowship that includes all true believers from every nation, every ethnicity and every language group. Its membership roll contains names from every generation since the beginning.

In the local sense, we are brothers and sisters, joined together at the deepest level by the Spirit Himself.  We come together to express our common faith in worship and to fulfill our common mission through service. We are commanded to encourage one another, pray for one another, forgive one another and show patience toward one another. Furthermore, we are commanded to encourage one another to do good works.

So, PARA-KALEO! Let’s come together and see that every member of the Body is strengthened and equipped for service, starting with an overflowing fullness of the Holy Spirit.  From there, let us go into our communities and reclaim them for the Kingdom of God. I can’t think of a better body building program! 

As Paul wrote to the Church in Rome, “I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you—that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.”   (Romans 1:11-12)

This is our mission. We must choose to accept it.

This isn’t Mission Impossible.  This is Mission Imperative!