Job’s Circle

Job’s Circle: From brokenness, to blessing

by Ed Graham (Author) – Click to order $14.99

jobs circle cover

Job’s Circle begins with an announcement that the author’s six month old granddaughter has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which ultimately claimed her life shortly after her first birthday. As his entire family journeyed together through the valley of the shadow of death, he decided to re-examine the experience of the Old Testament character, Job. In effect, Ed joins the circle with Job and his friends, trying to understand the meaning of what has happened to them all. The following series of meditations contains an examination of our most perplexing questions that arise from our darkest days. We learn how a true man of God responds to the worst times of adversity. As we observe Job’s friends trying to “fix” him, we learn things not to say to people who are hurting. Then we watch as Job finally turns the emotional and spiritual corner into renewal and restoration. Thus, coming “full circle” in his experience. The book concludes with a discussion of what the author has begun to call “God centered optimism.” This book would be of interest and benefit for grief recovery discussion groups. It would also enhance the discussion within any Bible class, studying the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament, or any class that deals with issues within the area of pastoral care.